Little girl  offering a gift to 圣诞老人

提供一张特别的图片给 圣诞老人


正如我女儿所知道的那样 圣诞老人 在去野餐时,她在下午为他制作了礼物。礼物是在硬纸板上的图画。

Seeing 圣诞老人

什么时候 圣诞老人 到了,毫不奇怪,很多孩子向他跑来。


Each child was given an icy pole 通过 圣诞老人, and 圣诞老人 moved around to greet other children and chat to some adults.

My daughter had her icy pole in hand then grabbed her gift and followed 圣诞老人, trying to get his attention. Reaching out her gift, she was able to give it to him.

圣诞老人’s response

圣诞老人 was surprised to be given a gift, thanked her warmly and leant down to kiss her cheek.

For the rest of 圣诞老人’来访时,她的纸板礼物就在他手中。在朋友ðŸ™的见证下,他离开时也将它抬上了街。


圣诞老人 waving bells and holding a child’s gift

My very excited daughter has since described 圣诞老人’像胡须一样‘sheep’s fluff’ – soft and cuddly.

Gifts for 圣诞老人

My children often talk about giving something to 圣诞老人, and have left gifts for him on a number of Christmas Eves. However, it is the first time a gift has been physically handed to 圣诞老人.

这对我们来说是美好的回忆,也是她完成亲切的一种特殊方式– thanks 圣诞老人 🙂

Have you or your children ever given a gift to 圣诞老人?